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Scarlet Fever / Group A Streptococcal infections.

The practice is becoming overwhelmed with the number of appointments being requested for children with fever. The majority of these calls are for children that would normally have been managed at home by parents/carers/guardians.

We understand the concern that parents have for their children especially with articles in the news about Group A Streptococcal infections but ask that you watch the following video made by a Leicester ED consultant:

and read the following information:

If your child is unwell please ensure they have been given both paracetamol AND ibuprofen as these can lower their temperature and make them feel a lot better. Unless an emergency this must be done before you ring for an appointment.

Please use NHS 111 online and the pharmacists where possible for advice too before calling for a GP appointment. 

Children illness and when to worry, what to look out for.